Retraction of MR3437893 and MR348182

I have regretfully retracted my two reviews for Mathematical Reviews (MathSciNet) of Andrea Del Centina's article "Poncelet's porism: a long story of renewed discoveries." Without informing or consulting me, MR edited the reviews between submission and publication in ways that I believe exceeded their reasonable editorial discretion, so that the published version did not fairly represent my words and assessments. I requested some changes to MR's published version to correct this, and offered to work with MR to resolve any outstanding concerns. The Executive Editor rejected the option of correcting the reviews, and did not explain his decision to me. I believe the alternative of retraction was both avoidable and unfortunate. MR has replaced the reviews in MathSciNet with summaries taken from the article, and has made an exception to its policy of preserving published versions of reviews in perpetuity. My original and revised reviews and the versions published by MR are available upon request.